Welcome to our online CDRL complaints portal. To proceed with your complaint please follow the below stages and provide all the information requested. It is important that you complete all sections of the form and that you are careful to provide relevant, accurate and thorough information in relation to your complaint. It is also important that you provide us with any evidence that you have to support your claim. To be eligible to make a complaint against a respondent, you must have already complained to the respondent directly in writing and either received a final written response (sometimes referred to as a ‘deadlock letter’) or given the respondent eight (8) weeks to respond to your dispute. Consumer Dispute Resolution Ltd can only deal with unresolved complaints. In order to complete this complaint form you will need the following information to hand:

You are required to agree to our terms stated below on the DECLARATION section.

This will confirm if your complaint is eligible to be processed at this time by asking you questions and for information about dates of the complaint.

Full details of the purchase or service. Full details of the complaint. Accurate dates of any purchase of goods/services, dates of any correspondence, etc. You will be asked to state your desired outcome.

Images of any receipts. Any images to support your complaint. Any email exchanges with the respondent, saved into a MS word document or a text file. Scans or images of any physical letters.


Please read and sign this declaration:

I would like Consumer Dispute Resolution Limited ("CDRL") to look into my complaint.

I understand and acknowledge that CDRL will need to use my personal information (including sensitive or personal information) and that CDRL may need to share some or all of this information with the respondent with whom I have a complaint.

I understand and acknowledge that CDRL may publish the final decision.

I agree to provide true, accurate and full information about my complaint.

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The total size of the files uploaded via the complaint form MUST be less than 20Mb per upload.

If you are uploading email correspondences please cut and paste the date, email addresses, sender & recipient info and the content of the email into a word or PDF file, then upload.

if you have any problems with uploading your evidence please email it to evidence@cdrl.org.uk quoting your full name and case no.

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The onus is on you as the Claimant to monitor your case for updates as it progresses through the complaint handling process. We will send you notifications via email to alert you to updates on our Dashboard portal. Please ensure to check your junk/spam folders for our correspondence and add our email address to your contacts list to prevent our correspondence being marked as junk/spam.

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